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Fire and Safety Award 2017

PARCO is one of the leading energy provider in the country. Due to the nature of our business, PARCO has always given priority to HSE and safer modes of business and operations for the betterment of its customers, employees, community and specially the environment.

Protecting our employees, assets from the safety and fire hazards has always been our top priority. The role of HSE in PARCO is crucial for eliminating and mitigating these hazards to achieve operational stability by employing procedures and processes and training our staff to handle any unforeseen events.

Recognizing our HSE initiatives, procedures, safety measures and business processes throughout our installations across Pakistan, the National Forum for Environment and Health (NFEH) and Fire Protection Association of Pakistan (FPAP) bestowed upon PARCO the Fire and Safety Award 2017. Mr. Adil Aziz Khan, Deputy General Manager, Pipelines received the award on behalf of PARCO. This is the fifth consecutive Fire & Safety award given to PARCO.