Stations and Terminals


Various pumping stations and terminals form an integral part of this pipeline system as they effectively enable PARCO to transport petroleum products upcountry.


Keamari Terminal Station TS-1 receivesimported crude oil through tankers via 30 inch dia. 2.2 km unloading line and pumps through 20 inch dia. transfer line for direct discharge into Korangi PS-1 tanks. TS-1 also handles High Speed Diesel tankers berthed at Keamari port for transporting Diesel to Korangi for onward transfer to Port Qasim and WOP.


With the local crude decanting facility at Korangi Pumping Station PS-1, the station plays a strategic role by receiving local crude directly through decanting facilities, imported crude oil and PAPCO’s High Speed Diesel from Keamari Terminal Station through PARCO’s 20 inch dia 18 km transfer line. High Speed Diesel from Pakistan Refinery Limited (PRL) and National Refinery Limited (NRL) is also received here through three 8 inch dia. spur lines. The crude oil pumped from Korangi Pumping Station is delivered to the Mid-Country Refinery, Gujrat Terminal Station TS-2 through 16 inch dia. Karachi-Mahmood Kot Pipeline.


The Bubak Pumping Station receives crude oil from Korangi pumping station through 16 inch dia. KMK mainline and increases its pressure / flow for onward pumping to Shikarpur Pumping Station PS-3. A salient feature of Bubak Station is the Zamzama Condensate System through which Condensate produced from Zamzama field is brought into PARCO pipeline system to be finally processed at Mid-Country Refinery. The condensate is efficiently received at the Station due to the recently commissioned Station Instrument/Control System.


The Shikarpur Pumping Station receives crude oil from Bubak Station through 16 inch dia. mainline and increases its pressure / flow for onward pumping to Fazilpur Pumping Station.


The Fazilpur Pumping Station receives crude oil from Shikarpur through 16 inch dia. mainline and boosts its pressure / flow for onward pumping to Terminal Station-2, Mahmood Kot. The crude received at Mahmood Kot, is then refined at the PARCO Mid Country Refinery.


Faisalabad Pumping cum Terminal Station was initially used to receive and store HSD & SKO from Mahmood Kot through 18 inch dia. Mahmmod Kot Faisalabad (MFM) line, boosting its pressure / flow for onward pumping to Machikke through MFM Line. After commissioning of the Gantry at Faisalabad, High Speed Diesel is partly supplied to Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) through this gantry and remaining HSD is pumped to Machhike.


Petroleum products from the Mid-Country Refinery are now also transported through Mahmood Kot Faisalabad Machike (MFM) Pipeline. This also includes Kerosene which is now supplied to Machhike from Mid-Country Refinery through MFM Pipeline.


Machhike Terminal Station TS-4 receives HSD & SKO from Faisalabad, through 16 inch dia, MFM pipeline to its Tankage, and delivers these products to Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) through spur lines.